Table 2.

SIE rates before and after treatment with biologics, including TNF inhibitors. Multiple occurrences of the same event in 1 individual are counted multiple times. DMARD received after the first day of study RTX dose are the DMARD of interest. N is the number of patients receiving treatment with a DMARD post-RTX.

VariablesAll Patients Receiving Any Biologic Following RTX Treatment, n = 353Subset of Patients Receiving a TNF Inhibitor Following RTX Treatment, n = 280
Before Other Biologic, During RTX TreatmentAfter Other Biologic, After RTX TreatmentBefore TNF Inhibitor, During RTX TreatmentAfter Other TNF Inhibitor, After RTX Treatment
Total exposure, PY727.48491.61514.45387.30
Serious infections, n32202214
Serious infections/100 PY4.404.074.283.61
95% CI3.11–6.222.62–6.312.82–6.492.14–6.10
  • SIE: serious infection events; TNF: tumor necrosis factor; DMARD: disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; RTX: rituximab; PY: patient-years.