Table 3.

Prevalence of demographic characteristics in the sample of working-age respondents (18–64 years) with musculoskeletal conditions (All); those with communication vulnerabilities (With CV); and those without CV (No CV); adjusted for survey design. Values are % unless otherwise specified.

Demographic CharacteristicsPrevalence in Working-age Sample with MSK
All, n = 4555With CV, n = 2278No CV, n = 1777p
Age group< 0.01
Household equivalized income quintile< 0.01
  First quintile13.617.75.9
  Second quintile14.917.510.2
  Third quintile19.619.719.4
  Fourth quintile19.117.122.7
  Fifth quintile17.913.426.3
  Not stated14.814.515.5
Hours worked< 0.01
  1–34 h20.718.924.2
  35+ h50.344.960.2
Region of Australia0.08
  Major cities65.163.967.4
  Inner regional23.123.422.6
  Other areas11.812.710.1
Household structure0.01
  Partnered parent with children39.737.044.7
  Couple only27.528.825.0
  Parent and children7.98.37.2
  Single person13.213.512.7
  • MSK: musculoskeletal conditions.