Table 3.

Correlation between objective and subjective assessment of RP at baseline and following cold challenge for both primary RP and SSc. Values are rs.

Correlation between IRT and LSCI. p < 0.01 for all comparisons.
ROI 10.730.620.810.840.75
ROI 20.700.580.840.830.81
ROI 30.810.650.820.820.83
Correlation between the RCS diary and LSCI assessment at ROI. 1 p > 0.05 for all comparisons.
Duration of RP attacks0.05−
Frequency of RP attacks0.02−0.19−
  • RP: Raynaud phenomenon; SSc: systemic sclerosis; IRT: infrared thermography; LSCI: laser speckle contrast imaging; ROI: region of interest; B: baseline assessment at 23°C; t0: assessments immediately following cold challenge; t5: perfusion 5 min post cold challenge; t10: perfusion 10 min post cold challenge; t15: perfusion 15 min post cold challenge; RCS: Raynaud Condition Score.