Table 1.

Comparison of those with and without changes on ultrasonography. T test of means used for all statistical tests, except where denoted by *, where Fisher’s exact test was used.

MeanUS Score < 17, n = 18U/S Score ≥ 17, n = 12p
Total sicca score1.333.250.009
% former or current smokers27.841.70.461*
OHIP score3.1714.750.007
HAQ score0.821.150.138
RAPID3 score10.2215.580.013
  • Significant data are given in bold face. US: ultrasound; OHIP: Oral Health Inventory Profile-14; HAQ: Health Assessment Questionnaire; RAPID3: Routine Assessment of Patient Index Data 3; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; CRP: C-reactive protein.