Table 4.

Correlation of changes in articular and cutaneous variables of PsA. Correlation coefficients > 0.30 are considered evidence of at least weak correlation.

VariablenBiserial Correlation Coefficient
PGA improved, yes vs no
  With change in SJC268−0.16
  With change in TJC268−0.19
  With change in DAS28247−0.22
VariablenSpearman Rank Correlation Coefficient
Change in total plaque score
  With change in SJC2530.26
  With change in TJC2530.28
  With change in DAS282340.31
  • PsA: psoriatic arthritis; PGA: physician’s global assessment; SJC: swollen joint count; TJC: tender joint count; DAS28: 28-joint Disease Activity Score.