Table 2.

Overview of the 5 themes into which the respondents’ reasons were grouped.

ThemesExamples of Reasons MentionedNo. Quotes
Symptom severityPain, fatigue, disability.46
Experiences with medicationPrevious experience with medication for other diseases or current experience with DMARD, side effects.61
Perceptions about medication and the illnessExpectations about medication, confrontation with having a chronic illness by the use of medication.89
Information about medication/knowledge acquisitionIn the early phase, patients started gathering information.
Information obtained from the rheumatologist, the medication information leaflet, or by searching the Internet.
Communication style and trust in the rheumatologistThe rheumatologist should build toward a trustful relationship, for instance by acknowledging fears about medication and explaining the treatment plan in detail.54
  • DMARD: disease-modifying antirheumatic drug.