Table 5.

Summary of previous reports showing a declining trend in visual manifestations in patients with GCA over the years.

StudyTotal No. Patients in CohortYears Studied1950–19691970–19901991–2005
% Patients with Visual Manifestations (n/total)*
Nesher361441960–1977, 1980–199247 (22/47)20 (19/97)NR
Gonzalez-Gay172551981–2005NR30 (17/57)20 (40/198)
Our study2041950–200446 (12/26)18 (16/89)21 (19/89)
  • * No. patients with vision changes due to GCA/total no. patients with GCA in that cohort. NR: not reported; GCA: giant cell arteritis.