Table 2.

ICC values [overall and mean (range) of all possible reader pairs] for SPARCC MRI SIJ SSS baseline scores for patients with SpA in 3 reading exercises. Mean ICC (range) = mean of ICC for all possible reader pairs with range of ICC scores.

Exercise No.ReadersFat MetaplasiaErosionBackfillAnkylosis
Overall ICCMean ICC (range)Overall ICCMean ICC (range)Overall ICCMean ICC (range)Overall ICCMean ICC (range)
Exercise 1, n = 4540.780.73 (0.58–0.86)0.620.55 (0.45–0.77)0.660.63 (0.51–0.73)0.980.98 (0.96–0.99)
Exercise 2, n = 10220.780.580.350.98
Exercise 3, n = 4030.710.71 (0.57–0.81)0.650.66 (0.60–0.71)0.660.64 (0.51–0.88)0.790.78 (0.72–0.87)
  • ICC: intraclass correlation coefficient; SPARCC: the Spondyloarthritis Research Consortium of Canada; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; SIJ: sacroiliac joint; SSS: Sacroiliac joint Structural Score; SpA: spondyloarthritis.