Table 4.

Predictors of urgent versus non-urgent referrals.

VariableOR95% CIp
1. Positive RF2.621.70–4.04< 0.001
2. Referring physician rating the referral as urgent2.051.33–3.15< 0.001
3. Elevated CRP1.971.23–3.150.005
4. Patient has seen a rheumatologist before1.801.17–2.770.007
5. Patient reports a history of joint swelling1.771.09–2.530.021
6. Duration more than 12 mos1.671.01–2.530.016
7. Patient reports a personal or family history of psoriasis1.651.03–2.650.037
8. Family history of RA*0.620.42–0.930.022
  • * Protective, less likelihood of an urgent referral. RF: rheumatoid factor; CRP: C-reactive protein; RA: rheumatoid arthritis.