Table 3.

SRM for areal bone marrow lesion change, using an absolute value of change as the numerator of the SRM equation.

Absolute Value of Mean Change (SD of change)SRM
Bone marrow lesion (areal)
  Medial tibial, mm211 (48)0.23
  Lateral tibial, mm29 (45)0.21
  Medial femoral, mm28 (31)0.27
  Lateral femoral, mm215 (62)0.24
  Tibiofemoral, global, mm236 (107)0.34
Bone marrow lesion (areal; restricted to those with a baseline bone marrow lesion), n = 168
  Medial tibial, mm221 (50)0.41
  Lateral tibial, mm217 (42)0.40
  Medial femoral, mm219 (46)0.40
  Lateral femoral, mm232 (92)0.35
  Tibiofemoral, global, mm271 (116)0.61
  • SRM: standardized response mean.