Table 2.

Antibody reactivity to MAG1 in RA and clinical variables. Control peptide CON2 (RRSPRGRASHS) related to a Gag non-open reading segment of endogenous virus HERV-K10 present in the human population15: 27 patients with RA and 27 healthy controls were tested using an alkaline phosphatase conjugate/substrate system23. Mean OD values are given with standard errors in parentheses. No significant difference was found between male and female patients within RF-positive or -negative groups (p = 0.128).

VariablenOD (SEM)Analysisp
Control peptide CON227RA: 1.163 (0.081)t test0.804
27N: 1.130 (0.104)
RF16RF+: 0.762 (0.127)ANOVA0.576
10RF−: 0.643 (0.076)
Sex13Male: 0.645 (0.078)ANOVA0.768
17Female: 0.818 (0.127)
RF and bone radiograph positive18/23 (78%)chi-square0.001*
  • * Significant (p < 0.05). RA: rheumatoid arthritis; OD: optical density; RF: rheumatoid factor.