Table 4.

SRM for structural change in TASOAC over 2.7 years – stratified by baseline ROA, knee pain, obesity, sex, and age.

ROAKnee PainObesity*SexAge**
NoYesNoYesNoYesMFAge ≤ MedianAge > Median
Cartilage volume
  Medial tibial, mm3−0.41−0.63−0.54−0.55−0.50−0.66−0.60−0.49−0.36−0.79
  Lateral tibial, mm3−0.47−0.51−0.46−0.56−0.49−0.55−0.41−0.62−0.49−0.52
  Medial femoral, mm3−0.46−0.59−0.52−0.55−0.52−0.60−0.59−0.49−0.47−0.62
  Lateral femoral, mm3−0.49−0.45−0.43−0.53−0.45−0.55−0.54−0.41−0.41−0.56
  Tibiofemoral, global, mm3−0.84−0.77−0.72−0.90−0.74−1.06−0.90−0.71−0.69−0.97
Cartilage defects
  Medial tibial, 0–40.250.430.290.420.340.390.350.360.310.41
  Lateral tibial, 0–40.260.400.240.400.290.460.280.370.390.26
  Medial femoral, 0–40.390.560.550.440.480.510.480.490.440.53
  Lateral tibial, 0–40.250.440.240.470.320.410.290.410.340.35
  Tibiofemoral, global, 0–160.480.750.560.690.590.740.580.670.600.65
Bone marrow lesion (areal)
  Medial tibial, mm20.−
  Lateral tibial, mm20.
  Medial femoral, mm2−−−0.06−0.010.02
  Lateral femoral, mm20.
  Tibiofemoral, global, mm20.
Bone marrow lesion (ordinal)
  Medial tibial, 0–
  Lateral tibial, 0–
  Medial femoral, 0–3−−0.030.06−−0.030.10
  Lateral tibial, 0–
  Tibiofemoral, global, 0–
Meniscal pathology
  Tear, 0–60.420.370.400.400.420.300.350.430.450.30
  Partial extrusion, 0–−0.070.02−0.040.06−0.040.10−0.10
  Full extrusion, 0–
  Total meniscal pathology score, 0–180.430.380.430.360.420.300.370.410.490.26
Tibial bone area
  Medial tibial, mm2−0.08−0.39−0.17−0.26−0.29−0.05−0.01−0.45−0.39−0.04
  Lateral tibial, mm20.100.15−0.050.350.22−0.010.43−
  Tibial, global, mm2−0.01−0.16−0.19−0.01−0.10−0.050.23−0.55−0.250.13
  • * Non–obese (BMI < 30) versus obese (BMI ≥ 30).

  • ** Age less than or equal to the median (≤ 62) versus greater than the median (> 62). SRM: standardized response mean; TASOAC: Tasmanian Older Adult Cohort; ROA: radiographic osteoarthritis; BMI: body mass index.