Table 1.

Comparison of antibody reactivity to peptides in patients and controls. Statistical analysis based on logarithmically transformed OD values. Antibody reactivity in all groups to CON1 (nonhomologous peptide: GKTCPKEIPKGSKNT) was negligible, and reactivity to nonbiotinylated MAG1 was just above background (0.05 OD units). Overall, there was no significant difference between groups. Multivariate analysis identified a significant difference between biotinylated and nonbiotinylated groups (p = 0.001).

GroupnPeptide–MAG1, Mean OD (SEM)OD RangepPeptide–CON1, Mean OD (SEM)Nonbio–MAG1, Mean OD (SEM)
RA300.732 (0.058)2.610–0.2930.041 (0.003)0.119 (0.006)
IBD230.465 (0.067)1.029–0.2330.003*0.028 (0.004)0.064 (0.013)
OA290.473 (0.059)1.249–0.1260.001*0.098 (0.004)0.135 (0.009)
N430.517 (0.049)1.405–0.1510.002*0.073 (0.007)0.157 (0.027)
  • * Statistical difference determined through posthoc analysis of patients with RA as compared to IBD, OA, and N to MAG1. OD: optical density; RA: rheumatoid arthritis; IBD: inflammatory bowel disease; OA: osteoarthritis; N: healthy controls.