Validated version of the VITACORA-19 questionnaire. The following statements refer to how signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis could affect your daily life. Your answers will help us to determine your health status, and how your illness affected your ability to perform your daily activities during the last week. There are 5 possible answers following each statement. Please read each statement carefully, answering every question. In case you are not confident, please choose the answer that fits to your reality more accurately. Answers are neither correct nor incorrect. We are just interested in how your illness affects your daily life.

During the last week, because of your psoriatic arthritis…

AlwaysVery FrequentlyOccasionally/SometimesRarelyNever
1.Limited mobility conditioned my life.12345
2.Takes me a long time to recover from any physical effort.12345
3.It was difficult to change my position in bed (e.g., roll over).12345
4.My physical strength diminished.12345
5.I was unmotivated, not in the mood of doing anything.12345
6.Due to my exhaustion, I was sad and sorrowful.12345
7.My mood was affected by illness pain.12345
8.I was afraid of pain.12345
9.I was worried about being dependent on third parties because of signs and symptoms.12345
10.I felt desperate because of symptoms’ pain.12345
11.I avoid meeting people. I can’t keep up their pace.12345
12.My usual work/non–employment activities (including housework) performance went down.12345
13.I was afraid of lose my job after asking for a sick leave.12345
14.People shun me because of my skin appearance.12345
15.I had difficulties doing some manual activities (e.g., grab something, driving, cooking, use computer…).12345
16.My pain woke me up in the middle of the night, not allowing me to rest.12345
17.Pain affected me the most.12345
18.Inflammation and joint discomfort (e.g., ankle, knee, wrist, fingers…) affected me the most.12345
19.I was worried about the future evolution of my illness (e.g., needing a cane or crutches…).12345
  • This version in English of the VITACORA-19 questionnaire is provided only to give readers an idea of questionnaire content. It is not an official adapted version, and should not be used in any type of study or in clinical practice. Anyone wishing to use the VITACORA-19 questionnaire should contact the corresponding author.