Table 1.

Characteristics of the patients with SLE-associated refractory immune thrombocytopenia who were treated with thrombopoietin-receptor agonists.

Case (ref)Age, yrsSexPrevious TreatmentsThrombopoietin-receptor AgonistDoseResponseTime to ResponseAdverse Events
#1 (PC)69FCS, IVIG, splenectomy, RTXEltrombopag25 mg/dayYes2 weeksNo
#2 (PC)39FCS, IVIG, CYC, azathioprine, RTXRomiplostim2 mcg/kg/week, further increased to 7 μg/kg/weekYes2 weeksNo
#3 (6)44MCS, IVIG, azathioprine, RTX, CYCRomiplostim2 mcg/kg/weekYes3 weeksNo
#4 (7)34FCS, IVIG, RTX, CYCRomiplostim (previously eltrombopag without response)3 mcg/kg/weekYes6 daysNo
#5 (8)19FCS, IVIG, RTXRomiplostimNSYesNSKidney-limited thrombotic microangiopathy
#6 (9)55FCS, RTX, CSAEltrombopag50 mg/dayYes2 weeksNo
  • PC: present case; CS: corticosteroids; IVIG: intravenous immunoglobulin; RTX: rituximab; CYC: cyclophosphamide; CSA: cyclosporine; NS: not specified.