Table 2.

Relations of leptin concentrations (1 SD increment) with carotid artery plaque among patients with major conventional cardiovascular risk factors. Associations were determined in logistic regression models.

Adjusted CharacteristicsOR (95% CI)p
None1.53 (0.82–2.84)0.2
Framingham score1.58 (0.83–3.02)0.2
Framingham score, race1.78 (0.90–3.52)0.1
Framingham score, race, CRP1.80 (0.90–3.58)0.1
Framingham score, race, CRP, GFR2.07 (1.004.29)0.04
Framingham score, race, CRP, BMI2.35 (1.065.21)0.03
Framingham score, race, CRP, GFR, BMI2.75 (1.196.37)0.01
  • Significant relations are shown in bold face. CRP: C-reactive protein; GFR: glomerular filtration rate, BMI: body mass index.