Table 4.

Comparing the effects of methotrexate monotherapy and 3-drug therapy (methotrexate, cyclosporine, and prednisolone) in achieving remission scores in the individual components of DAS28 at 24 months when taking serological status into account. Except for p values, data are n (%).

Serological StatusTreatment RegimensTJC at 24 MonthsSJC at 24 MonthsESR at 24 MonthsPGA at 24 Months
≤ 1p< 1p≤ 20p≤ 10p
RF-IgM-negativeMonotherapy4/8 (50)NS1/4 (25)NS7/15 (47)NS4/6 (67)NS
3-drug4/8 (50)3/4 (75)8/15 (53)2/6 (33)
RF-IgM-positiveMonotherapy37/87 (43)NS16/42 (38)NS42/89 (47)NS17/41 (42)NS
3-drug50/87 (58)26/42 (62)47/89 (53)24/41 (59)
ACPA-negativeMonotherapy14/25 (56)NS5/10 (50)NS12/27 (44)NS7/13 (54)NS
3-drug11/25 (44)5/10 (50)15/27 (56)6/13 (46)
ACPA-positiveMonotherapy27/70 (39)0.01512/36 (33)0.03337/76 (49)NS14/34 (41)NS
3-drug43/70 (61)24/36 (67)39/76 (51)20/34 (59)
  • TJC: tender joint count; SJC: swollen joint count; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; PGA: patient global assessment; RF-IgM: rheumatoid factor-IgM isotype; ACPA: anticitrullinated protein antibodies; NS: not significant; DAS28: 28-joint Disease Activity Score.