Table 2.

Diagnostic utility of self-reported pain in identifying PFJ damage (comparing knees with isolated PFJ full-thickness cartilage damage or BML to knees with either isolated TJF or no full-thickness cartilage damage or BML).

Max pain with stairs (up or down)(≥ min)7074331.15058
(≥ mod)3540701.35456
Pain going up stairs(≥ min)6972341.14957
(≥ mod)3035741.35456
Pain going down stairs(≥ min)6264401.14955
(≥ mod)2532801.65957
Absence of pain walking on level ground(≥ min)5758441.04854
(≥ mod)9093131.14968
Any AKP + max pain with stairs(≥ min)4249641.45658
(≥ mod)2329821.66056
Any AKP + absence of pain walking on level ground(≥ min)2730761.35254
(≥ mod)4756601.45660
Isolated AKP + max pain with stairs(≥ min)1520902.06355
(≥ mod)69973.07254
Isolated AKP + absence of pain walking on level ground(≥ min)1620861.45754
(≥ mod)2226821.45755
  • LR+: positive likelihood ratio (Sn/1-Sp); PPV: positive predictive value; NPV: negative predictive value; AKP: anterior knee pain; max: maximum; min: minimal; mod: moderate; PFJ: patellofemoral joint; TFJ: tibiofemoral joint; BML: bone marrow lesions.