Table 2.

Predictive value of achieving remission at 24 months using 3-drug therapy (methotrexate, cyclosporine, and prednisolone) compared to methotrexate monotherapy, adjusted for treatment region.

Predictors of ResponseOR95% CIp
Over 50 years old4.951.66–14.750.004
Under 50 years old1.090.38–3.16NS
≥ 6 TJC1.560.43–5.63NS
< 6 TJC2.711.11–6.600.028
RF-IgM–negative1.490.17, 12.46NS
RF-IgM–positive2.281.08, 4.850.032
ACPA-negative1.030.25, 4.30NS
ACPA-positive2.991.29, 6.970.011
  • RF-IgM: rheumatoid factor–IgM isotype; ACPA: anticitrullinated protein antibodies; TJC: tender joint count; NS: not significant.