Table 1.

GRAPPA video project: module descriptions.

PASI and BSAPsoriasis Area and Severity Index and Body Surface Area4,7
Background and rationale for PASI, with photographic examples of erythema, induration, and scale, methods of assessing area score, and BSA instruction (handprint = 1%)
Video: 16½-min
Certification module available (3 examples)
6-point sPGA, v. 1Static Physician Global Assessment, version 18,9,10
Erythema, induration, and scale assessed 0–5, then averaged and rounded to nearest whole numbers
Video: 1½-min
Certification module available (3 examples)
6-point sPGA, v. 2Static Physician Global Assessment, version 2
Erythema, induration, scale each scored 0–5 over entire body, averaged and rounded to nearest whole number, using slightly different definitions than the NPF description
Certification module available (3 examples)
6-point sPGA, v. 3Static Physician Global Assessment, version 3
Erythema, induration, scale assessed and a single score of 0–5 assigned (no mathematical rounding)
Certification module available (3 examples)
5-point sPGA5-point Static Physician Global Assessment11
Erythema, induration, and scale assessed individually, then averaged and rounded to nearest whole numbers
Certification module available (3 examples)
NAPSINail Psoriasis Severity Index12
Description of the features of matrix and nail bed psoriasis and how to perform this measure
Certification module available (3 examples)
mNAPSIModified Nail Psoriasis Severity Index13
Description of the rationale and method for performing this measure
Video: 3:41 min
Certification: Testing available, 3 patient examples, no consensus scores available
PSSIPsoriasis of the Scalp Severity Index14
Adaptation of PASI for scalp assessment
Video: 3:23 min
PPPASIPalmar-Plantar Psoriasis Area and Severity Index15
Adaptation of PASI for scoring palmar-plantar pustular or non-pustular psoriasis
Video 7:09 min
Certification: 4 patient examples, without consensus scoring
TPSSTotal Plaque Severity Score16
Assessment tool for target plaques, scores erythema, induration, and scale 0–4, then summed. Video: 6:37 min
Certification: 9 target plaques with consensus scores
Dactylitis and EnthesitisPresenters: Philip Helliwell, MD, and Philip Mease, MD, rheumatologists
Video: 24:58 min [first 8:14 is dactylitis background and use of dactylometer; remaining portion is enthesitis background, evaluation using Leeds Enthesitis Index, MASES Enthesitis Index, the Enthesitis Skeletal examination; includes coverage of SPARCC Enthesitis Index (18 sites), SPARCC Enthesitis Index (8 sites), Major Enthesitis Index, and 4-point Enthesitis Index]
Certification: testing not available17,18
SynovitisIncludes joint examination and synovitis introductions, video demonstration of examining joints: TMJ, AC, SC, shoulder, wrist, hand/digits, hip, knee, ankle, foot/digits
Video: 37:37 min18
Axial Disease AssessmentIncludes background and video demonstration of measuring cervical rotation (INSPIRE method with goniometer), chest expansion, occiput-to-wall/tragus-to-wall distance, forward flexion with Schober test, lateral bending of spine with Domjan and INSPIRE methods, examination of the hip (internal rotation and intramalleolar distance).
Video: ∼9 min19,20
  • SPARCC: Spondyloarthritis Research Consortium of Canada; MASES: Maastricht Ankylosing Spondylitis Enthesis Score; TMJ: temporomandibular joint; AC: acromioclavicular; SC: sternoclavicular; NPF: National Psoriasis Foundation.