Table 1.

Descriptive elements derived from nominal group exercise.

Inflammatory arthritisMorning stiffness ≥ 30 min, joint swelling, joint tenderness, pain that improves with activity and worsens with rest, NSAID/steroid-responsive, limited motion, insidious onset, chronic duration, fatigue, proximal distribution, joint deformity, boggy/spongy joint, joint erythema or warmth, presence of extraarticular manifestations
SpondylitisMorning stiffness ≥ 30 min, chronic back pain > 3 mos, hip/buttock pain, younger age, pain that improves with activity and worsens with rest, night pain, insidious onset, no prior history of trauma or surgery at site of pain, NSAID-responsive, limited motion, sacroiliac joint tenderness
EnthesitisPain near the joint, swelling at site of pain, functional limitations, history of plantar fasciitis, younger age, bilateral involvement, tenderness at entheseal insertion sites (Achilles, plantar fascia, quadriceps tendon, patellar ligament, iliac crest)
DactylitisDigital swelling, digital warmth, digital erythema, focal or diffuse swelling, tenderness at site of swelling, decreased mobility, “sausage”-like appearance
  • NSAID: nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug.