Table 3.

Factors associated with reaching an outcome from Cox proportional hazards model.

Patient CharacteristicsHR95% CIp
Female sex1.491.25–1.78< 0.0001
Age, yrs1.031.02–1.04< 0.0001
  White reference group1.001.00
Time taking therapy
  < 80% vs never taking therapy1.271.05–1.550.0142
  ≥ 80% vs never taking therapy1.080.76–1.520.6815
Laboratory data
  Baseline sUA level1.111.04–1.190.0027
  sUA at goal vs not at goal0.630.50–0.78< 0.0001
  Baseline GFR level1.010.99–1.010.1211
  CV-related diseases1.150.93–1.420.2130
  Diabetes mellitus1.961.64–2.35< 0.0001
  Heart failure1.391.04–1.840.0256
  Rheumatoid arthritis1.460.84–2.540.1857
Concomitant medications
Role of therapy and treat to target goal < 6 mg/dl
  < 80% time receiving drug vs no TX1.271.05–1.550.01
  ≥ 80% time receiving drug vs no TX1.080.76–1.520.68
  sUA at goal vs not at goal0.630.5–0.78< 0.0001
  • sUA: serum uric acid; GFR: glomerular filtration rate; CV: cardiovascular; NSAID: nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug; TX: treatment.