Table 3.

Domains ratified during OMERACT 11 proceedings. Forging consensus between patients and physicians with special considerations.

Domains from Combined InvestigationsSpecial Considerations
DyspneaUnexpected language and contextual factors
Consider need for disease-specific instrument development
CoughPervasive effect on dyspnea and HRQOL
Core set inclusion received 100% endorsement
Consider need for disease-specific instrument development
Health-related quality of life (HRQOL; also captures patient global assessment)Consider need for disease-specific instrument development
HRQOL is affected by uncertainty surrounding disease outcome
HRQOL may be affected by physician-patient communication
Lung physiology/functionImportant to patients and physicians
Patients are anxious about performance-related results (re: poor result of spirometry because of “effort” or a “bad day”)
Lung imagingPatients and physicians care about this domain
SurvivalImportant to both groups
Patients want to communicate about prognosis and handling episodic exacerbations
MedicationsImportant to both groups
Incremental increase/decrease may be useful as a disease activity marker but depends on targeted therapy