Table 3.

Construct validity showing Spearman correlation coefficients for each measure.

Source MeasurePain (VAS or NRS)Joint TendernessJoint SwellingActivity Limitations*Patient Global
  Pain (Likert)NA0.340.18NANA
  Joint tenderness0.25NANA
  Joint swellingNANA
  Activity limitationsNA
  Pain (Likert)NA0.360.18NANA
  Joint tenderness0.37NANA
  Joint swellingNANA
  Activity limitationsNA
  Pain (Likert)0.75NANA0.31NA
  Pain (NRS)NANA0.39NA
  Joint tendernessNANANA
  Joint swellingNANA
  Activity limitationsNA
  Pain (VAS)0.550.130.190.580.72
  Pain (Likert)
  Joint tenderness0.460.180.56
  Joint swelling0.250.47
  Activity limitations0.50
  Pain VASNANANA0.660.73
  Joint tendernessNANANA
  Joint swellingNANA
  Activity limitations0.73
  • * Activity limitations measured by single 0–10 NRS in Regeneron data, HAQ-II in AUT data, and HAQ-DI in Novartis data.

  • In addition the HAQ-II correlated highly with measures of specific foot function in this dataset.

  • Changes in each measure were correlated with patient global because the patient global represented perception of change (except for the AUT dataset). NA: measure not available in the dataset; AUT: Auckland University of Technology; VAS: visual analog scale; NRS: numeric rating scale; MSD: Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.