Table 2.

Instruments available for each data source.

SourcePainDisabilityJoint Swelling/tendernessPatient Global
Merck Sharp & DohmeLikert 0–4NALikert 0–3*Response to treatment (Likert 0–4 point)
PfizerLikert 0–4NALikert 0–3*Response to treatment (Likert 0–4 point)
RegeneronLikert 0–4, NRS 0–10Activity limitations, NRS 0–10 (from WPAI:SHP v2.0)NANo measure available
NovartisLikert 0–4, VAS 0–100HAQ-DILikert 0–3*Response to treatment (Likert 0–4 point)
Auckland University of TechnologyVAS 0–100HAQ-IISwollen and tender joint countVAS 0–100
  • * Index joint assessed by a physician;

  • Likert 0–3 grade for joint tenderness and swelling was used in the actual trial but those data were not available for the current analysis. NA: no measure available; HAQ-II: Health Assessment Questionnaire version II; HAQ-DI: Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; VAS: visual analog scale; WPAI:SHP: Worker Productivity and Activity Impairment Index (Specific Health Problem)9; NRS: numeric rating scale.