Table 4.

Predictive factors for a poor quality of life and for an unsatisfactory state of health and whiplash and other factors (Poisson modified regression, adjustment on age, sex).

Age at Accident ≥ 16 YrsQuality of Life (unsatisfactory vs satisfactory)State of Health (unsatisfactory vs satisfactory)
nRR95% CIpnRR95% CIp
Adjustment variables
  SexNS< 0.03
  Age< 0.02NS
    < 35 yrs23312331
    ≥ 35 yrs1451.481.12–1.971451.200.91–1.59
Type of lesionNSNS
  Whiplash grade 1621.170.79–1.74621.110.77–1.62
  Whiplash grade 21090.840.59–1.181091.010.74–1.39
Other factors
  Family situation< 0.001Not included1
    In couple1741
    Other (single, divorced, etc)2041.751.27–2.41
  Education levelNS2< 0.01
    < School-leaving certificate1821.170.82–1.67
    School-leaving certificate861
    > School-leaving certificate1100.680.44–1.05
  Financial difficulties before accident3< 0.001< 0.03
  Intention to lodge complaintnot included1< 0.03
  • 1 Not included: variable nonsignificant on univariate analysis.

  • 2 NS: variable nonsignificant when introduced in the multivariate model, therefore removed from model.

  • 3 Combination of several variables: job loss, financial difficulties, failure over the 12 months before the accident.