Table 3.

Quality of life (WHOQoL-Bref) for whiplash and non-whiplash victims, at 1 year after a road accident.

Non-whiplash Victims, n = 207Whiplash VictimsChi-squared Test1
Grade 1 = 62Grade 2 = 109
QOL as a whole (WHOQol-Bref; Q12)NS3
  Good/very good13967.14064.57972.5
  Neither good nor bad/bad/very bad6832.92235.53027.5
Health satisfaction (WHOQol-Bref; Q22)NS
  Satisfied/very good14067.63759.77064.2
  Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied46732.42540.33935.8
WHOQol-Bref scores (0–100)meanSD4meanSDmeanSDStudent T Test1
  Physical domain77.115.070.820.573.517.4p < 0.01
  Mental domain66.615.260.516.167.116.2NS
  Social domain73.818.869.219.973.618.7NS
  Environmental domain66.516.464.816.464.315.9NS
  • 1 The test compares the group of the whiplash victims (all together) with the non-whiplash group.

  • 2 Q1: question 1; Q2: question 2 (WHOQol-Bref).

  • 3 NS: nonsignificant.

  • 4 Includes dissatisfied/very dissatisfied. WHOQol-Bref: World Health Organization Quality of life tool.