Table 2.

Descriptive analysis of consequences for whiplash and non-whiplash victims, at 1 year after road accident.

Non-whiplash VictimsWhiplash VictimsChi-squared Test1
207Grade 1 = 62Grade 2 = 109
Sickness leave after the sccidentNS2
  Don’t know/NA8239.62641.93027.5
Duration, days; Yes/No3; mean (SD)35.6 (70.6)20.0 (25.3)51.2 (88.3)NS
  Q1; Q3, days2; 314; 218;45
  Median, days101418
Medical status at 1 year post-accidentp < 0.01
  Totally recovered11957.53048.44541.3
  Not totally recovered8842.53251.66458.7
Debilitating painNS
Disturbance in occupational activityp < 0.04
  Don’t know/not applicable4823.21625.887.3
Financial repercussionsp < 0.001
  Don’t know/not applicable125.858.198.3
Effect on family lifeNS
  Don’t know10952.72946.85146.8
Impact on sexual lifeNS
  Don’t know10952.72946.85146.8
Impact on leisure4NS
  Yes (PCLS ≥ 44)2311.11117.71412.8
Feeling run downNS
  Not at all, no more than usual14871.54572.66256.9
  More than usual5124.61524.24238.5
  Don’t know83.923.254.6
Feeling of nervousness4NS
  Not at all12560.42845.25954.1
  Somewhat, sometimes5526.62337.13431.2
  Often, very often2512.11117.71513.8
Negative feeling (depression, etc)4,5NS
  Often, every day4521.71625.82321.1
  • 1 The test compares the group of the whiplash victims (all together) with the non-whiplash group.

  • 2 NS: nonsignificant.

  • 3 For subjects without sick leave, duration = 0.

  • 4 Some nonrespondent subjects: total does not equal 100%.

  • 5 Significant difference (p = 0.05) for this variable between the 2 whiplash grades. NA: not applicable; PTSD: posttraumatic stress disorder; PCLS: PTSD Checklist Scale.