Table 1.

Description and comparison of the 2 MAIS1 populations (whiplash and non-whiplash victims), at 1 year after road accident.

Non-whiplash Victims, n = 207Whiplash Victims, n:Chi-squared Test1
Grade 1 = 62Grade 2 = 109
Sex< 0.0001
Age, yrsns2
  ≥ 55188.71219.487.3
Family situation< 0.05
  In couple8742.03353.25449.5
  Separated, divorced, widowed188.769.71513.8
Educational levelNS
  Less than school-leaving certificate10550.73150.04642.2
  School-leaving certificate4622.21524.22522.9
  More than school-leaving certificate5627.11625.83834.9
Socio-occupational categoryNS
  Farming, trade136.346.510.9
  Exec., sup. intellectual2110.1914.51412.8
  Office worker8641.52743.55752.3
  Student, housewife, other/no reply4019.31422.61513.8
Financial difficulties4 before accidentNS
Reason for travelNS
  Journey to work/school7033.82032.34440.4
  Work purposes115.358.121.8
Type of road user< 0.0001
  4-wheel motor vehicle9043.55182.39889.9
Place in vehicle< 0.001
  Front passenger199.2711.31513.8
  Rear seat passenger115.323.221.8
  Unknown passenger/NA3215.523.243.7
Antagonist< 0.0001
  Other (pedestrian, fixed obstacle.etc)3416.4812.976.4
  Motor vehicle11455.15182.38981.7
Impact direction6< 0.0001
  Frontal4220.31422.62422.0< 0.00015
  Lateral right157.269.71412.8
  Lateral left115.31422.61513.8
  Don’t know/NA12761.41219.41513.8
Friend or family member involved7NS3
Intention to lodge complaintNS
  Don’t know6230.01829.02926.6
Subjective responsibility for accident< 0.0001
  No5828.03962.95752.3< 0.015
  Don’t know10048.31219.42825.7
Psychological historyNS
  • 1 The test compares the group of the whiplash victims (all together) with the non-whiplash group.

  • 2 NS: nonsignificant.

  • 3 Fisher’s exact test.

  • 4 Combination of several variables: job loss, financial difficulties, failure over the 12 months before the accident.

  • 5 Results calculated without the modality “Don’t know/not applicable”.

  • 6 The impact direction was known only for the 4-wheel motor vehicle users; other road users are classified “not applicable”.

  • 7 Some nonrespondent subjects: total does not equal 100%. NA: not applicable; MAIS1: maximum Abbreviated Injury Scale grade 1.