Table 3.

Correlation of left ventricular diastolic function variables and duration/DAS score in patients with dermatomyositis (DM).

VariablesDM DurationDAS
Peak of early diastolic flow velocity (E)−0.2470.080−0.1800.206
Peak of late diastolic flow velocity (A)0.3730.0070.0030.981
E/A ratio−0.4670.001−0.2290.106
Mitral annular early diastolic velocity (Em)−0.474< 0.001−0.1220.395
Mitral annular late diastolic velocity (Am)0.0450.7560.1110.437
Em/Am ratio−0.476< 0.001−0.2080.143
DT of flow velocity in early diastole0.474< 0.0010.2130.133
Isovolumic relaxation time0.2610.0650.2220.117
  • DAS: Disease Activity Score; DT: deceleration time.