Table 1.

Demographics of study cohort.

VariableMean, %SDMinMax
Age, yrs, mean53.013.018.479.8
Spanish speaker28.0
  Black or African American17.0
  Hispanic or Latino57.8
Smoker, ever54.4
Attended college30.3
Annual income at or above $15K (US)27.2
Depression screen–positive24.0
Currently employed23.3
Rheumatoid arthritis-related features
  MDHAQ score (0–3)1.00.703
  MDHAQ fatigue score (0–10)5.33.3010
  MDHAQ pain score (0–10)5.23.1010
  Tender joint count (0–28)5.15.8028
  Swollen joint count (0–28)3.84.7022
  Sedimentation rate (mm/h)22.319.53112
  C-reactive protein (mg/dl)10.517.10130
  DAS28 (4 variable w/sedimentation rate)4.01.518
  Recent prednisone use51.7
  Recent biologic use30.0
  Patient global health from MDHAQ (0–100)41.129.30100
  PtGA from DAS (0–100)48.432.40100
  Previously completed DAS28 form62.50.000
  EGA (0–100)34.627.50100
Health literacy
  S-TOFHLA comprehension score (0–72)54.719.9072
  S-TOFHLA numeracy score (0–28)22.26.9028
  S-TOFHLA total score (0–100)77.623.58100
  • Min: minimum; Max: maximum; MDHAQ: Multidimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire; anti-CCP: anticyclic citrullinated peptide antibody; DAS28: 28-joint Disease Activity Score; S-TOFHLA: Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults; EGA: evaluator global assessment; PtGA: patient global assessment.