Table 3.

Final multivariate logistic regression models predicting odds of a discrepancy between verbally administered and written patient assessment and odds of a missing patient assessment score.

VariableORStd. Err.p95% CI
Odds of a verbally administered PtGA and traditional written PtGA-VAS discrepancy
  S-TOFHLA comprehension score0.9590.0120.0010.936–0.983
Odds of a verbally administered GH and traditional written GH-VAS discrepancy
  S-TOFHLA numeracy score0.9400.0280.0420.887–0.998
Odds of a missing PtGA value
  S-TOFHLA comprehension score0.8990.0210.0000.859–0.941
  Age, yrs0.9520.0180.0110.917–0.989
Odds of a missing GH value
S-TOFHLA comprehension score0.9650.0100.0010.946–0.985
  • Std. Err.: standard error; PtGA: patient global assessment, as used in Disease Activity Score with 28-joint count (DAS28); VAS: visual analog scale; S-TOFHLA: Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults; GH: global health assessment, as used in Multidimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire.