Not Novel SevereNovel SevereTotal Patientsp*
Peripheral vascular74781††0.16
GI tract746800.51
In any of the 9 organ systems483179< 0.002**
  • ** Statistically significant if p < 0.05.

  • * Likelihood ratio (LRT) p-value based on logistic regression analysis with a dichotomous outcome measure of severity of novel future organ involvement associated with continuous baseline nailfold videocapillaroscopy (NVC) patterns, unless too few events were present to support a linear effect on the natural logarithm of the OR.

  • In the latter cases, the LRT p-values of a categorical NVC pattern covariate were reported.

  • Insufficient followup data were available for 3 patients.

  • †† Insufficient followup data were available for 1 patient.

  • Insufficient followup data were available for 2 patients. Future visit at 18–24 months after the baseline capillaroscopic assessment. Novel severe category 2–4 of the Medsger disease severity scale or PAH or ILD that were not present at the baseline visit.