Table 1.

Topics addressed in each session.

Session 1Getting to know each other — “Where I am with my RA: Thinking in terms of different ‘parts’ of my personality.”
Session 2My “Self” as my inner resource: the 8 C’s
Session 3RA and protective parts of my personality
Session 4RA and vulnerable parts of my personality
Session 5Can a relationship with my “Self” help my disease?
Session 6What is scary about self-compassion when one lives with RA?
Session 7Moving out of fear: the meaning of “Self” leadership
Session 8Identifying inner conflict and bringing calm, compassion, and curiosity
Session 9Listening to my body/listening to my parts: What’s needed?
Session 10Being with, not in, my emotional states: Speaking for, not from, my “parts”
Session 11Vital needs, self-care, and my health
Session 12Closure with each other and the way forward
  • RA: rheumatoid arthritis