Table 4.

Correlations between mean changes in SF-36 domains and pain VAS, HAQ-DI, and FACIT-F*.

PlaceboApremilast 20 mg BIDApremilast 40 mg QD
SF-36 BP with pain VAS−0.47−0.57−0.54
  p< 0.001< 0.001< 0.001
SF-36 PF with HAQ-DI−0.14−0.46−0.73
  pNS< 0.001< 0.001
SF-36 VT with FACIT-F0.410.660.55
  p< 0.001< 0.001NS
  • * Correlations > 0.30 ≤ 0.60 are considered moderate; > 0.60 high. BP: Bodily Pain; FACIT-F: Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue; HAQ-DI: Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; NS: not significant; PF: Physical Function; SF-36: 36-Item Medical Outcomes Study Short-Form Health Survey; VAS: visual analog scale; VT: Vitality.