Table 1.

Overview of patient-reported health-related quality of life instruments27,28,29,30,31,32.

Global disease activity and pain by VASDisease activity and pain scales0–100 mm, include “anchors”Improvement: 10.0 points
HAQ-DIFunctional ability questionnaire0–3 (0 = no difficulty, 3 = unable to do)Improvement: −0.13 points* and −0.3 points*
FACIT-FFatigue questionnaire; 13 questions evaluated on 5-point scale0–4 (0 = not at all, 4 = very much)Improvement: 4.0
SF-36 domainsSelf-administered instrument assessing 8 health domains: (1) PF: limitations in physical activities; (2) RP: limitations in usual role activities; (3) BP: bodily pain; (4) GH: general health perceptions; (5) VT: vitality; (6) RE: limitations in usual role activities; (7) SF: limitations in social activities; (8) MH: general mental health0–100 points, worst to bestImprovement: 5.0 points
Deterioration: −2.5 points
SF-36 physical and mental component summary scores (PCS and MCS)Summarizes SF-36 subscale scores0–50 points (normative value = 50, SD 10)Improvement: 2.5 points
Deterioration: −0.8 points
SF-6D (utility-based measure)Preference-based measure derived from the SF-36; yields a single score that qualifies changes across all 8 SF-36 domains0.296–1.0 (0 = death, 1.0 = perfect health)MID ≥ 0.041
  • * MCID for HAQ-DI was analyzed using 2 different definitions based on 2 published MCID levels in PsA: −0.1331 and −0.332. The present study population more closely resembles the population studied in Kwok, et al31 (MCID, −0.13); however, the more stringent level reported by Mease, et al32 (MCID, −0.3) was included for comparative purposes. FACIT-F: Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy for Fatigue; HAQ-DI: Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; MCID: minimum clinically important differences; MCS: mental component summary; MID: minimum important differences; PCS: physical component summary; SF-36: 36-Item Medical Outcomes Study Short-Form Health Survey, version 2; SF-6D: 6-Domain Short-Form Health Survey; VAS: visual analog scale.