Table 1.

Baseline characteristics for all patients with radiological data of at least 2 different large joints after 8 years of treatment (n = 290).

Male sex, %33
Age, mean (SD) yrs52 (12)
Initial treatment, %
  Sequential monotherapy25
  Step-up monotherapy21
  Combination with prednisone24
  Combination with infliximab30
ACPA+ or RF+, %24
ACPA+ and RF+, %51
Smoker, %33
Body mass index, mean (SD)26 (4)
Disease Activity Score, mean (SD)4.3 (0.9)
Health Assessment Questionnaire, mean (SD)1.3 (0.6)
Sharp-van der Heijde score, median (IQR)2.0 (0.0–5.6)
  • ACPA: anticitrullinated protein antibodies; RF: rheumatoid factor; IQR: interquartile range.