Table 2

Frequencies of baseline variables in the groups treated or not treated with low-dose aspirin (LDA). All data are percent unless otherwise indicated.

CharacteristicLDA Group
(N* = 104)
Non-LDA Group
(N* = 35)
Average maternal age, yrs ± SD34.8 ± 4.332.7 ± 3.4
Previous pregnancy losses54.848.6
Autoimmune disease45.245.7
Medium-high level of aCL IgG17.345.7
Medium-high level of aCL IgM15.723.1
Medium-high level of anti-ß2-GPI IgG23.536.4
Medium-high level of anti-ß2-GPI IgM19.630.8
Lupus anticoagulant5.82.9
  • * No. pregnancies. aCL: anticardiolipin; GPI: glycoprotein.