Table 1

Content of the self-administered inflammatory arthritis (IA) detection tool.

Query FieldResponse Option
 Today's datemo/day/yr
 ICD-10 billing codeICD-10 code
 Rheumatology diagnosis descriptionopen text field
 Month, yr of birth (to derive age in yrs)mo/yr
 Sex (male = 1, female = −1)male or female
IA detection tool items (response options: Yes = 1, No = −1)
 Do you have pain in your joints? (joint pain general)
 Do you have pain in your wrists and hands? (hand/wrist pain)
 Are your hands or wrists swollen? (hand/wrist swelling)
 Do you have trouble making a fist? (trouble making a fist)
 Are your joints stiff in the morning? (morning stiffness general)
 From the time you wake in the morning, does it take > 60 min for your joints to move more freely? (morning stiffness >1 h)
 Are the same joints involved on both sides of your body? (symmetry)
 Have important activities in your life been affected because of bone or joint problems, such as having difficulty with personal care or having to make a change regarding leisure or work activities? (functional difficulty)
 Have you ever been told that you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? (ever told you have RA)
 Does anyone in your family have RA? (RA family history)
 Have you been diagnosed with a rash called psoriasis? (psoriasis diagnosis)
 Have you had these symptoms for > 6 weeks and < 1 year? (6-52 wk symptom duration)
  • IA: inflammatory arthritis; ICD-10: 10th version of the International Classification of Diseases system.