Table 2.

Spearman’s correlation coefficients between magnetic resonance arthrography-reported pathology at the lesser metatarsophalangeal joints in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and clinical, biomechanical, and radiographic variables.

Disease duration0.7280.00115
LFISIF score−0.1620.28215
LFISAP score−0.0020.49715
Platto’s FF Structural Index score0.5350.02015
Gait velocity−0.2000.23715
Larsen score0.8180.00015
Callus present0.5230.02315
Subluxation present0.4860.03315
Peak pressure0.6290.00615
  • VAS: visual analog scale; LFISIF: Leeds Foot Impact Scale to assess impairment and footwear; LFISAP: LFIS to assess activity and participation; FF: forefoot.