Table 1.

Demographic, clinical, biomechanical, and radiographic variables.

Demographics, mean (SD)
  Sex (F/M, n)11/4
  Age, yrs29.4 (9.8)
  Disease duration, yrs7.5 (9.0; range 0.2–27)
Disease characteristics, mean (SD)
  Rheumatoid factor-positive, n11
  DAS44 (CRP, mg/l)2.71 (0.62)
  DAS44 (ESR, mm/h)2.83 (0.68)
Patient-reported measures, mean (SD)
  VAS forefoot pain37.7 (27.2; range 8–95)
  LFISIF12.4 (2.5; range 7–16)
  LFISAP14.9 (8.7; range 3–30)
Forefoot deformity
  Platto Structural Index Score, mean (SD)6.0 (4.1)
  Subluxation 2nd MTP joint, n8
  Subluxation 3rd MTP joint, n8
  Subluxation 4th MTP joint, n8
  Subluxation 5th MTP joint, n4
  Plantar callus 2nd MTP joint, n6
  Plantar callus 3rd MTP joint, n1
  Plantar callus 4th MTP joint, n0
  Plantar callus 5th MTP joint, n1
Gait measures, mean (SD)
  Velocity, cm/s95.4 (29.9)
  Peak pressure 2nd MTP joint, kPa730.9 (387.6)
  Peak pressure 3rd MTP joint, kPa531.4 (211.8)
  Peak pressure 4th MTP joint, kPa248.0 (76.5)
  Peak pressure 5th MTP joint, kPa313.1 (281.75)
Larsen score, median (IQR)
  2nd MTP joint1 (0–4)
  3rd MTP joint1 (0–4)
  4th MTP joint1 (0–3)
  5th MTP joint2 (0–3)
  • DAS: Disease Activity Score; CRP: C-reactive protein; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; VAS: visual analog scale; LFISIF: Leeds Foot Impact Scale to assess impairment and footwear; LFISAP: LFIS to assess activity and participation; MTP: metatarsophalangeal; kPa: barefoot peak pressure; IQR: interquartile range.