Table 1.

Correlations among selected measures. No adjustment has been made for multiple comparisons.

Measures CorrelatedSpearman’s rhop
Patient and MD global PsA activity0.76< 0.01
SJC and MD global PsA activity0.74< 0.01
TJC and MD global PsA activity0.68< 0.01
Patient global arthritis and HAQ0.61< 0.01
TJC and HAQ0.89< 0.01
SJC and HAQ0.540.01
Patient global arthritis and SF-36 PCS0.75< 0.01
HAQ and SF-36 PCS0.84< 0.01
HAQ and PASI0.410.08
Patient global arthritis and PASI0.520.02
Patient global skin and PASI0.530.02
MD global skin and PASI0.520.02
Patient global skin and SF-36 PCS0.380.13
PASI and SF-36 PCS0.560.02
mNAPSI and MD nail global0.93< 0.01
mNAPSI and patient nail global0.550.01
mNAPSI and PASI0.380.10
mNAPSI and SF-36 PCS0.530.02
Patient global nail and SF-36 PCS0.560.02
mNAPSI and patient global arthritis0.420.07
mNAPSI and TJC0.530.02
mNAPSI and SJC0.440.05
  • mNAPSI: modified Nail Psoriasis Severity Index; HAQ: Health Assessment Questionnaire; SJC: swollen joint count; TJC: tender joint count; PASI: Psoriasis Area and Severity Index; SF-36: Medical Outcome Study Short-Form 36; PCS: physical component summary.