Table 3.

Cancer in patients with pure PMR or RS3PE.

Sex/Age, yrsDiagnosisTime Interval*, moType of MalignancyInitial Corticosteroid, mg/dayResponse to Corticosteroid
1 F 76RS3PE+5Bladder cancer10Good
2 M 85Pure PMR+5CUP10Good
3 F 75Pure PMR+6MPD20Good
4 F 86Pure PMR+1Uterine cancer10Good
5 F 71Pure PMR−5Paget’s disease20Good
6 M 80Pure PMR−6Gastric cancer30Good
7 F 75Pure PMR−4Carotid body tumor10Good
8 M 83RS3PE−1Colon cancer20Good
9 F 68Pure PMR−10HCC30Good
  • * Time interval from diagnosis of PMR or RS3PE to malignancy indicated in months (– and + indicate diagnosis of malignancy was given before or after diagnosis of RS3PE or pure PMR, respectively). RS3PE: remitting seronegative symmetrical synovitis with pitting edema; PMR: polymyalgia rheumatica; MPD: myeloproliferative disease; HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma; CUP: cancer of unknown primary origin.