Table 1.

Demographic and treatment characteristics at first observation.

VariableBaseline Value, mean (SD) or %
Age, yrs52.9 (11.4)
Sex, % female96.4
Non-hispanic White, %92.5
Education, %
  < 12 yrs6.3
  12–15 yrs67.1
  College graduate26.7
Body mass index (BMI)30.6 (7.6)
  BMI WHO classification: overweight or obese, %61.9
Smoking: current, %15.5
Smoking: past, %21.8
Social security disability (age ≤ 62 years)29.1
Work disabled — self-report, %34.5
Median total household income ($US)35,000
FM treatment, %
  NSAID or non-opioid analgesics67.4
  Opiate use40.1
  Any analgesic, opioid, or NSAID85.4
  FM pharmacological treatment: not analgesics, opioids, or NSAID86.9
  Any FM pharmacological treatment96.8
Duration of fibromyalgia, yrs13.7 (10.7)
Current depression (within last 6 months)47.0
  • WHO: World Health Organization BMI categories; NSAID: nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs.