Table 3A.

Inter- and intrareader reliability for PsAMRIS status and change scores. Intraclass correlation coefficients. Key to SRM values: Very good, ICC ≥ 0.80; good, 0.50 ≤ ICC < 0.80; poor, 0.20 ≤ ICC < 0.50; trivial, ICC < 0.20.

Interreader Reliability, ICCaIntrareader Reliability, ICCs
Reader 1Reader 2Reader 3Reader 4
PsAMRIS FeaturesStatusChangeStatusChangeStatusChangeStatusChangeStatusChange
Flexor tenosynovitis0.970.950.810.920.740.730.930.800.730.90
Bone proliferation0.770.
Periarticular inflammation0.910.910.39NA*0.95NA*0.880.330.91NA*
Bone marrow edema0.870.870.980.630.970.130.991.000.030.80
Bone erosion0.970.440.910.940.930.910.920.910.910.88
  • * Not calculable because zero variance. ICCa: average measure intraclass correlation coefficient; ICCs: single measure intraclass correlation coefficient; PsAMRIS: psoriatic arthritis magnetic resonance imaging score.