Table 3.

Scleroderma-specific antibodies and pulmonary function and echocardiography values in patients with Pre-PAH. Autoantibody data were available for 127/166 Pre-PAH patients. Pre-PAH patients were divided according to the 3 most commonly present autoantibodies to determine the association between scleroderma-specific antibodies and clinical PAH markers. The other patients did not have detectable autoantibodies or had an anti-U1-RNP, anti-RNA polymerase III, other, or no autoantibody information was available. A patient without an SSc-specific antibody who had multiple ANA patterns was characterized as “other.” There were no statistically significant differences between groups.

Mean (SD)ACA, n = 28Scl-70, n = 23Nucleolar, n = 17
FVC, % predicted95 (16)79 (15)79 (16)
DLCO, % predicted56 (22)46 (16)51 (22)
FVC/DLCO1.78 (0.46)1.85 (0.52)1.74 (0.60)
RVSP, mm Hg37 (7)41 (10)39 (9)
  • ACA: anticentromere, Scl-70: antitopoisomerase antibodies; ANA: antinuclear antibodies.