Table 1.

JSN per joint space area in patients with RA as assessed by MRI and radiography (Exercise 2, n = 14). All “Total” MRI JSN scores (MRITotal MRISvdHTotal and MRIGenant-Total) add the scores from MCP2-5 to the respective wrist scores.

MRI (n = 294) X-ray (n = 140) JSN in Areas Assessed by X-ray (n = 140) JSN in Areas Not Assessed by X-ray (n = 140) Specific Wrist Joint Spaces Included in Simplified MRI Scores
Presence (Score ≥ 1)Score, Median (Range)Presence (Score ≥ 1)Score, Median (Range)Both X-ray and MRINeither X-ray nor MRIX-ray, Not MRIMRI, Not X-rayMRI, Not X-raySvdHGenantJSN14JSN7
MCP250 (0–3)20 (0–4)2903
MCP350 (0–1)10 (0–2)1904
MCP440 (0–2)10 (0–2)0914
MCP540 (0–2)10 (0–2)11003
CMC150 (0–2)**5
CMC240 (0–4)**4XX
CMC3111 (0–4)20 (0–4)2309XX1/3XX
CMC460 (0–3)10 (0–2)1805XX1/3X
CMC581 (0–3)10 (0–1)1607XX1/3X
Trm-Trd70.5 (0–4)**7
Trd-Cap111 (0–4)**11X
Cap-Ham81 (0–4)**8X
Trm-Sca40 (0–4)**************X1/2X
Trd-Sca50 (0–4)3**0 (0–4)**3**9**0**2****X1/2XX
Cap-Sca30 (0–4)20 (0–4)21101XX1/2X
Cap-Lun20 (0–4)**2X1/2XX
Ham-Tri40 (0–4)**4XX
Sca-Lun30 (0–4)**3
Lun-Tri50 (0–4)**5X
Rad-Sca30 (0–2)30 (0–3)21011XX1/2XX
Rad-Lun40 (0–2)**4X1/2XX
  • MRI assessments by Reader 5 (experienced radiologist) are presented.

  • * Not assessed by radiography;

  • ** Trm-Sca and Trd-Sca are analyzed as one area (as for the SvdH radiographic method).

  • *** Only 10 separate joint spaces were included because the SvdH radiographic method assesses JSN in Trm-Sca and Trd-Sca as one area; therefore “n” in column 2 (294) is 14 higher than the sum of “n” in columns 6–9. X: Included in score with the weight of 1; X1/2: Included in score with the weight of 1/2; X1/3: Included in score with the weight of 1/3, in agreement with procedure in SvdH and Sharp-Genant radiographic scoring systems. MCP: metacarpophalangeal, CMC: carpometacarpal, Trm: trapezium, Trd: trapezoid, Cap: capitate, Ham: hamate, Sca: scaphoid; Lun: lunatum; Tri: triquetrum, Rad: radius, Uln: ulna, JSN: joint space narrowing, SvdH: Sharp-van der Heijde.