Table 1.

Characteristics of the individual studies.

CenterCohortNo. Patients, n = 294MRI EquipmentField Strength (Tesla)JointsSideMRI SequencesScoring System
CopenhagenHURRAH21Philips Panorama0.6Wrist, MCPHand with erosionT1 pre gad without FS (cor, axial), T1 FS post gad (axial), STIR (cor)RAMRIS
CopenhagenCIMESTRA84Esaote C-scan, Siemens Impact, Siemens Vision0.2–1.5Wrist, MCPNondominantT1 pre gad without FS (cor, axial), T1 post gad without FS (cor, axial), STIR (cor)RAMRIS
LeedsREMISSION81Philips, Gyroscan1.5Wrist, MCPDominantT1 and T1 spectral presaturation with inversion recovery post gad (cor, axial)RAMRIS
OsloERA23General Electric Signa1.5WristDominantT1 pre gad without FS (cor, axial) T1 post gad without and with FS (cor, axial), STIR (cor), 3D-SPGRRAMRIS
ParisLAFRAME78Esaote C-scan0.2Wrist, MCPDominant3D T1 without FS pre gad (cor, axial), 3D T1 without FS post gad (cor, axial), STIR (cor, axial)RAMRIS
SydneyTASRA7Siemens1.5MCPDominantT1 SE pre gad (cor), T1 SE post gad (cor, axial), T2 TSE (axial), STIR (cor)RAMRIS
  • Cor: coronal, Gad: gadolinium, FS: fat saturation, MCP: metacarpophalangeal, SE: spin echo, STIR: short-tau inversion recovery, T1: T1-weighted, 3D-SPGR: 3-dimensional spoiled gradient echo.