Table 2.

MRI JSN scores in patients with RA and healthy controls in Exercise 2: Distribution, intraobserver and interobserver agreement, and correlation with radiographic JSN scores. MRI scores, intraobserver ICC, and correlations with radiographic scores are given for the experienced musculoskeletal radiologist. Intraobserver ICC (only average measure ICC provided) are given for all 5 readers.

MRI JSN ScoreScore CharacteristicsObserved Scores, median (range)Intraobserver AgreementInterobserver AgreementAgreement with X-raySvdH-total
No. Assessed AreasPossible RangeRAControlsICC (single measure)ICC (average measure)ICC (average measure)ICC (single measure)
MRITotal210–847 (1–62)2.5 (0–7)0.900.950.920.77
MRIMCP2-540–161 (0–6)0 (0–0)0.790.890.860.15
MRIWrist170–685 (1–57)2.5 (0–7)0.920.960.930.84
MRISvdH-total110–402.8 (0–24)1 (0–2.5)0.870.930.900.75
MRISvdH-wrist70–242 (0–19)1 (0–2.5)0.920.960.940.68
MRIGenant-total110–281.3 (0–13.3)0.3 (0–0.7)0.820.900.890.49
MRIGenant-wrist70–120.7 (0–8.3)0.3 (0–0.7)0.890.940.950.35
MRIOM14140–565 (1–48)2.5 (0–5)0.930.960.930.89
MRIOM770–281 (1–22)1.5 (0–2)0.910.950.950.79
  • SvdH: Sharp-van der Heijde; ICC: intraclass correlation coefficient. See Table 1 for description of joint spaces included in the various MRI JSN scores.