Table 4.

Fibromyalgia (FM)-related characteristics according to entry and diagnostic criteria. FM+ and FM− refer to clinical diagnosis at time of databank entry. Criteria+ and Criteria− refer to results of the modified ACR 2010 diagnostic criteria.

VariableFM (+), Criteria+, mean or %FM+, Criteria−, mean or %FM−, Criteria+, mean or %FM−, Criteria−, mean or %
Widespread pain index (0–19)12.95.611.73.6
4-item modified SS score (0–12)
Fibromyalgia symptom scale (0–31)20.99.619.06.5
Fatigue (0–10)
Sleep disturbance (0–10)
VAS pain (0–10)
Mood (0–10)
Muscle tenderness (%)89.763.065.718.6
Symptom count (0–37)16.18.814.55.7
  • ACR: American College of Rheumatology; SS: symptom severity scale; VAS: visual analog scale.